Andrew jackson was horrible

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Andrew jackson was horrible

Andrew Jackson owned slaves who worked on his farm at the Hermitage and at his plantations in other states. At one time he owned more than people.

Jackson generally wanted his slaves to be treated well. The document shown on this page relates to one of the more significant events in Jackson's life. Gilbert was a slave on Jackson's Big Springs plantation in Alabama, "who caused Jackson considerable trouble. Gilbert unsuccessfully ran away from there in andre-captured the last time after being on the run for two months.

The overseer, Ira Walton, wanted to punish Gilbert, but Jackson had forgiven the slave every time. Walton testified later at his trial that this "had made him Gilbert much worse and more difficult to be controlled," adding that "Gilbert was the most insolent slave he owned.

Walton claimed that Gilbert slipped out of the ties and attacked him.

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In the fight that ensued, Gilbert was stabbed and collapsed. Jackson summoned a doctor, but Gilbert died from his wounds. Jackson then sent this note to the coroner. Notwithstanding I believe the fatal stab was given in Self Defense, still as I wish justice to be done, I request a coroner inquest over him.

The jury heard from Walton, and saw the bruises on his body. A slave boy who witnessed the fight also said Gilbert attacked Walton. The jury decided not to indict Walton because it was self-defense.

Despite the ruling of the jury, Jackson fired Walton. Jackson then got in touch with Andrew Hays, the state prosecutor.

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Jackson said he considered himself "the guardian of my slave, [and] it is my duty to prosecute the case so far as justice to him [the slave] may require it.

He went beyond what would have been considered the norm for the times in trying to get Walton tried for murder. One historian concludes that for whatever reason, Jackson "was genuinely troubled by Gilbert's death. Was Jackson upset because he thought Walton had killed Gilbert and then lied about being attacked?

Jackson had forgiven Gilbert at least two other times for running away.

Andrew jackson was horrible

Did he just like Gilbert, and was upset he died? Was Jackson, who took pride in treating his slaves well, embarrassed by the death of one at the hands of an overseer? Or did he fear that this incident would be used against him in the upcoming presidential election in ?

In fact, it was. Read more about slaves at the Hermitage.Jackson symbolized the up-from-nothing story of so many of his countrymen. But it was a tainted legacy. He was a slave-owner who bought and sold men in bulk.

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Jon Meacham received the Pulitzer Prize for his biography of Andrew Jackson, American is also the author of the New York Times bestsellers Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power, American Gospel, and Franklin and vilakamelia.comm, who teaches at Vanderbilt University and at The University of the South, is a fellow of the Society of American Historians.

Andrew Jackson was an incredibly important president for the 19th century. Jackson was the first president from the American frontier, and the first not from Massachusetts or Virginia. Being from Tennessee was incredibly important for the time.

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